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Wedding Photography

R Frank Media has been capturing that perfect moment for years, 16 of them in fact. With over 300 weddings photographed since 2006, R Frank Media has the expertise to capture your day and your moments perfectly.

Engagement Photography

Did you recently get engaged? Check out some of our engagement photography to plan your perfect engagement shoot! After you browse the galleries head over to the pricing page to plan your perfect wedding!

We chose St. Stephens church in Cleveland because of how beautiful it is. It's a great big gothic church. Rob and R Frank Photography were able to capture those images and make it feel in photos how special it was to us in person.

~ Molly Ludwig

Wedding Client

Neither of us cried through the whole wedding and reception but when we sat down and watched the video, we cried our eyes out. It was absolutely beautiful.

~ Analynn and Jeneane